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X-Ray Facilities

Learn more about how we use digital radiography

X-Ray Facilities at Alma Veterinary Hospital

X-rays or radiography are the form of diagnostic imaging that people are most familiar with, having been in use for over 100 years. X-rays provide important information as to what is going on inside the body and are very regularly used to aid with diagnosis in both human and animal health.

Our high powered X-ray machine enables us to get high quality images of the largest of companion animal patients. We were one of the earliest practices in the UK to switch to digital radiography. Digital radiography does away with actual physical film and the associated delveloping chemicals which are potentially environmentally harmful. The radiographic images are stored as DICOM files, which are like high quality JPEG files. These facilities mean that we are able to produce high quality images, and quickly access archived images.

Dental X-Ray Machine

In the last couple of years we have installed a new dental X-ray machine. This is fantastic as we undertake lots of dental procedures on a weekly basis. The dental X-ray machine allows the Veterinary Surgeons to take a radiographic image of the animal's teeth so that they are able to identify which teeth need extracting. See our Dental Care page for more information about your pet's dental hygiene needs.

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