We’d like to let you know that from 1st February we will be partnering with Vets-Now to supplement our provision of out-of-hours emergency veterinary care.

Vets-Now is the pet equivalent of a dedicated accident and emergency service, with a fully staffed and well equipped night clinic able to provide emergency care for you pet while our vets are asleep. Because Vets Now clinicians don't work during they day, they'll be up and ready to see your pet at the times you may need them.

From 1st February If your pet has an emergency during the hours of 9pm-6.30am (Monday to Friday) or between the hours of 5pm and 8am over the weekends & Bank Holidays please contact our

partners Vets-Now on 01784 557578.

For any emergencies during our normal working hours or outside of the specified times above please call us on 01753 858893 where we will be able to arrange an emergency appointment for your pet.

Rest assured that despite the changes to our emergency appointment arrangements, our inpatients will continue to receive 24 hour nursing and veterinary care on site from our dedicated team.