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Consultation and Waiting Rooms

Keeping your pet's visit stress free

Dog and Cat Waiting Rooms

Going to the vets can be very stressful for your pet so to minimise this we have separate cat and dog waiting rooms. The cat waiting room is sprayed with calming feline pheromones and prevents cats from being too close to dogs. Displays in this room are completely focused on feline care and treatment.

There is plenty of seating in each waiting room meaning optimum space for nervous dogs and cats. We have several notice boards providing you with useful information that are updated on a regular basis. Also available in the main waiting room are important items such as foodstuffs, dental care equipment and other pet care products available to buy to suit the needs of your pet.

The hygiene of the waiting room and consultation rooms are maintained at a very high standard. They are cleaned thoroughly several times a day to minimise cross contamination and are regularly tested to ensure that they remain MRSA free.

We do ask that all animals are adequately restrained whilst in the surgery and on our premises. All dogs must be on a secure, suitable lead and collar or harness and all cats and small animals must be in an appropriate secure transportation carrier. We will also allow cats to be restrained by a suitable and secure harness and lead although we do not recommend this. We cannot accept any responsibility for any incidents involving pets who are not adequately restrained on our premises.

Consultation Rooms

We have three well-equipped consultation rooms to allow for private consults with our Vets and Nurses. As well as our daily cleaning schedule, the surfaces in these rooms are thoroughly cleaned between each patient to minimise any risks of cross contamination.

For you and your pet’s comfort all areas of the hospital are air conditioned.

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