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Helping to diagnose and treat heart conditions

We see many patients at our Hospital who suffer from various heart conditions. These range from heart murmurs to conditions such as Mitral Valve Disease and Cardiomyopathy. Our Veterinary Surgeons, are very competent in this area and are able to run an ECG trace on those pets who have such conditions. ECGs, coupled with ultrasound examination, mean we can diagnose and treat heart conditions very effectively.

ECGs are familiar to most people as the line tracing a spiky pattern across the monitor screen on medical dramas. ECGs are actually a record of the electrical signals in the heart as it beats. The electrical activity of the heart is recorded at the skin surface. Diagnostic ECGs are recorded on a paper strip. They can provide information about disturbance in the heart rhythm (arrhythmias) that can be caused by disease of the heart muscle or disease elsewhere in the body that may be affecting the heart. Detailed analysis of the ECG tracing can also provide subtle clues to recognising enlargement of the chambers in the heart.

Normal ECG

This ECG tracing from a normal dog shows identical normal ECG complexes (beats). The 3 different lines are recordings of the same events in different directions

Abnormal ECG - VPCs

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