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Nurse Clinics

Take a look at our nurse clinics below

Our Nurse Clinics

Alma Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of nurse appointments and clinics alongside the veterinary consultations. Most of these are FREE of charge or carried out for a reduced fee.


Below are just some of the clinics held by our qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs).

Chub club

Obesity can lead to and worsen many health problems such as arthritis, diabetes and heart problems. Through this FREE clinic you'll receive all the support you need to develop a programme to manage your pet's weight loss safely and improve fitness levels.

Lisa Fraser RVN runs these clinics, Lisa will spend time with you and your pet and get to know your daily routine. She will then use her expertise and knowledge to create a plan that is suitable for you and your pet. Lisa has recently achieved an additional qualification, the Certificate in Canine & Feline Health Nutrition.

Puppy/kitten clinics

A complimentary clinic is offered to all new puppies and kittens visiting the surgery. This is a great chance to discuss all the necessary care and attention needed to ensure your new pet leads a full and healthy life. At the clinic you will receive a free puppy or kitten pack along with your first dose of flea/worm treatment, plus lots of helpful advice and cuddles to welcome your new addition to the surgery.

Well pet club

These clinics provide continued preventative health care for all cats and dogs. Monitoring and maintaining ideal weight, nutrition and parasite control.

Over 8 club

Our over 8 clinic is specially run for those older pets. These provide an opportunity to discuss and monitor age-related problems and preventive health care to support your pet through their older years. These clinics are free of charge but any necessary tests or procedures recommended (in consultation with the Veterinary Surgeon) will be chargeable.

Pet smile club

Our pet smile club is available to all of our patients to enable our nurses to assess your pet's oral health. During the clinic our nurses will show you preventative dental hygiene techniques and will advise on your pet's oral care. These clinics are ideal following dental treatment/surgery to maintain a healthy mouth. A Veterinary Surgeon's advice will be sought in cases where dental issues are present.

Nurses also carry out post-operative examinations and care, wound and dressing management, administration of medicines, flea and worm advice, nail clipping, nutrition and general advice for all species of animals.

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